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Local Life Media

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When relocating to a new area, it can be a challenging to learn where to shop, dine, or just have fun. We can help! At Local Life Media we provide you with a high-quality publication worthy of your coffee table with some of the best places to dine and shop. This new publication also provides all the info you need about the city, its important numbers, places to visit, upcoming local events and activities so you can get out and get involved. Instead of just receiving, a "Welcome Basket", you actually will be invited to attend a welcoming event attended by local dignitaries as well as our advertising partners. Our leaders want to welcome you to our Town, and to meet you! Our goal is to provide you with local top quality businesses, products and services so you can relax a little more after you have moved in. MOVING can be a hassle, but let us, our publication, and our advertising partners make your move a little easier... and let the adventure begin!

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New To An Area? Find Everything You Need At Your Fingertips!

What People Say

This publication is awesome, it was everything my family needed right at our finger tips.  

Richard Dover

Relocated From: Arkansas

As the previous Mayor of the Town of Prosper, I  think this is a great publication for new residents, providing them with insite into the Town of Prosper! This is a great addition to our Town!

Ray Smith

Former Mayor of Prosper

I moved here in the spring and needed a referral for a Roofer and Auto Repair company, I would have loved having a resource like Local Life Prosper, to save me the headache of trying to find good vendors!

Rita Merio

Relocated From: Oklahoma City

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